Westmoreland County Philatelic Society

SCOPEX 2009 at the APS Headquarters

"The Match Factory" - June 20, 2009

Four members of the Westmoreland County Philatelic Society traveled to SCOPEX 2009 at the APS Headquarters in Bellefonte, PA.  We were given a tour of the "Match Factory" by APS personnel.  Here are some of the pictures from the tour.

The entrance to the Match Factory

The library has a wide variety of resources for research.

A 1920's airmail plane hangs from the library ceiling

A desk belonging to early airmail pilot Jack Knight is in a meeting room.

The meeting room also contains other early airmail memorabilia.

The 1800's Headsville WV post office has been relocated to the Match Factory.

Another view showing the sales counter.

They opened the post office to sell stamps even though it was Saturday afternoon.

The post office contains many interesting museum pieces such as this egg mailing box. 

The post office also served as a general store and had shelves for general merchandise.

The Sales Circuit Manager was hard at work on the weekend.

Spike, the mascot for State College minor league baseball team attended the stamp show.