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          The APPALACHIAN WAGON TRAIN trek is an annual family-oriented event focusing attention on a historical site or event that took place in the Appalachian region of Pennsylvania. Rules have been established to make the trip an enjoyable experience for both the participant and the on-looker We travel with our own support including chuck wagon, souvenir wagon, port-a-johns and water.  Because the teamsters have support vehicles of their own (campers, horse trailers, etc.) we need access to a field about ten acres in size for a campsite. We insure all landowners who welcome us, and we promise to leave the field in better condition than we found it. We will remove all garbage and we will scatter all manure.
          The Appalachian Wagon Train is actively looking for communities to visit to help them celebrate. The wagon train traditionally begins on the third Sunday of June (Father's Day) and travels for a full week (Monday to Friday). On Saturday, we usually put on a parade for the community that we visit. There is no cost to any community, however, in the past we have been offered free meals and or entertainment to visit a specific community over another.
          We have a membership of approximately 300 families. Dues are $10.00 per member over 18. A $25.00 initiation fee is required per family. Trek registration fees apply to members who wish to travel.  

        We regret that we cannot offer a travel service. You must have your own equipment. You may participate in the trek either on horseback or in a wagon but you must bring your own horse or team and wagon/buggy.


The Appalachian wagon train is looking for new places in Western Pennsylvania to hold future treks.  If your community would like a visit from the wagon train, submit an invitation by mail or e-mail for our consideration.  Invitations are voted on by the entire membership at their annual meeting in the fall. 

YEAR 2018

   The 2018 Appalachian Wagon Train trek will travel around northern Indiana County in the vicinity of Smicksburg.  The trek will begin June 17th and conclude June 24th. 


          The Appalachian Wagon Train exemplifies the pioneer sprit that sustained our forefathers as they established new frontiers in our country. Although they were drawn to the frontier by the intoxicating promises of new dreams, many of them found great hardships in the wilderness. It was during these great struggles that the pioneer found that without the mental and physical help of his neighbors, he would not succeed. Not unlike the pioneer, we change and reshape the lives of each other when a need arises. In many circumstances, lives, property and sanity have been preserved by a caring neighbor. Even in our modern lives this pioneer tradition continues to sustain us.

Appalachian Wagon Train


"Our Father who art in Heaven; Hallowed be thy Name." We thank You for the privilege of calling upon You as God, for being the kind of a God that You are, in caring and providing us with the necessities of life, in protecting and guiding us as we fellowship together and travel on the road. Give us wisdom to treat each other with respect, and grace, to accept the things which are unpleasant. Thank You for the privilege of enjoying the great out of doors.. wherein we must take time to thank and praise You. Bless those who are responsible to lead while on our trek.. .that we as Wagon Train members may be a blessing to each other Most of all, may we praise Your Holy Name.   AMEN