Mason - Dixon Crown-stone Setting Re-enactment

October 19, 2002

Members of the Appalachian Wagon Train participated in the historic re-enactment of the placing of an authentic reproduction Crown-stone on the Mason - Dixon line south of Gettysburg, PA.  The 525 pound stone replaces a missing stone that was placed in 1765 by Charles Mason, astronomer and Jeremiah Dixon, surveyor.  Mason and Dixon were employed by the colonies of Pennsylvania and Maryland to establish the boundary between the two colonies.  A crown-stone was placed every fifth mile to mark the boundary with a smaller stone at every intermediate mile.  The crown-stone is engraved with the crests of the colonies of Maryland and Pennsylvania.  The event was sponsored by seven surveyor societies. 
Our Chaplain

The stone was hauled to the site by wagon.

Then hoisted into place using a tripod.
A second wagon was provided......
to be used as a stage.
The Crown-stone in place.
Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon attended.


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